Quote of the Day.

i hope you know

you are capable + brave

+ significant.

even when it feels

like you’re not.




This is something I feel very, very strongly about. I think this is the biggest pressure put on women and girls today. Western ideals are travelling around the world so in Japan, for example, women are no longer branded ‘attractive’ with curvy figures which would symbolise wealth and fertility. Oh no, now women are pressured into this one goal: thin.

It frightens me how fast we are losing bodies. Since when were women made to look the same? We should be able to celebrate our differences not get shot down for not looking like that model in that magazine. There’re magazines!! They are in no way reality. Not. At. All. The models have been starved, posed and then edited. So why do we still aim for these impossible goals? This is severely damaging mental health in women but also young girls whose teenage years are plagued by insecurity made worse by comparing themselves to everyone else. They are most vulnerable and when still trying to find your feet in the world and discover who you are the worst thing possible is to put back-breaking weight on fragile bodies. Women, in an effort to make themselves ‘better’, are exposing themselves to serious health issues: eating disorders, bulimia, depression and others. I know this is also a serious issue in men and boys as well but it is much less common. In the UK in 2007 it was found that 1.9% of women and 0.2% of men are diagnosed with an eating disorder in any given year. This condition lasts about six years. That is just staggering. This is detrimental to anybody but imagine in a young teenage girl. Anything and everything can happen in six years. Six years in a young life is the difference between secondary school and university. This means your exams, finding a college and even moving away from home are affected, things that are scary enough for someone in perfect health.

Okay before I get to carried away (you can probably tell my passion about this subject), the point I am trying to make is this. You are you. And girl you are perfect just the way you are. Curvy, slim, buxom or skinny. Don’t compare one body to another. You are the way you are and that is beautiful. We will all criticise ourselves. Maybe you sang the wrong note in that song. Maybe you got that question wrong in that test. These things will not change your life or damage your health. You will probably have forgotten by next week. Damaging yourself is not going to be permanent but it will be remembered. I assure you of that. The most brave step a woman can take is accept themselves and shine with confidence. That’s the most attractive thing in a woman. Body shape means nothing. If shallow people want to criticise because they have nothing better to do then let them, they’re probably insecure themselves. And if its the criticism of the voice in your head did you know there is another voice there as well. It’s the voice of strength, pride, power. However small believe me it’s still there. We are all born with everything we need to be strong, sometimes the world will convince us that we were born without some important part of ourselves. But sometimes the world is wrong. Come on, we are women. They can’t shape us. We shape ourselves.